Following in the footsteps of her great and great-great grandmothers, Rachel's unique, creative spirit led her down the pathway of being a jewelry designer who infuses each one of her beautiful pieces with her own life-affirming and healing energy. Rachel descends from a long line of Russian, Jewish women who believed in empowering and inspiring others. In 2013, Rachel made the decision to start her own company by launching Rose Gypsy. She infuses everything that she creates with the rich flavors and textures of her travels around the world, and in doing so, allows those who enjoy her pieces to experience a bit of what it feels like to venture outside of their own world. Rachel lives in a world filled with innovative businesses, books that come bundled with dark chocolate and exotic teas, and Rose-filled vases surrounding her at all times of the year.

For all things sparkly, exciting, and magical, grab something soothing to sip, and get lost in the world of Rose Gypsy.