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14k Gold filled and what's all the hype about?

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14k Gold filled jewelry and what's all the hype about? 

Well it's 2019 and when we look back at our products from the past year we can't help but be proud of where our catalog has evolved to, but we also have some not so proud moments that have us going "wait, why did we do that." 

To be more specific, we went from making and selling 14k Gold filled rings in 2017 to selling Gold vermeil rings (gold plated over pure sterling silver) in 2018. While we think vermeil is still a good product (cause at the end of the day it's pure sterling silver underneath the gold plating), it's the simple fact that it's still plated and it will eventually rub off (we unfortunately found out the hard way). While we still sell some Gold Vermeil products, we are slowly but surely moving into all 14k Gold filled (and solid Gold) pieces. Here's why we're making the switch back and what we know about Gold filled jewelry:

14k is bonded to other metals (sterling silver, copper) and is over 100 times thicker than high quality plated gold (aka vermeil). Durable & tarnish resistant, gold filled quality product is suitable for daily wear and is also water resistant. Yes, you can get them wet and they'll stay shiny! Filled gold jewelry is beautiful, affordable alternatives to solid gold, and can be worn by people with sensitive skin too. 

Well there you have it! Expect to see much more high quality products from us this year. We can't wait! 

-Rose Gypsy

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